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Conferences and Events 2023

Thursday, December 28, 2023 - 02:56 by Ivar Grimstad

2023 was a good conference year! I spoke at more than thirty conferences and meetups across four continents. In addition to the more traditional developer conferences, I visited a lot of Java User Groups this year. This is something I will continue to do next year. I already have a couple lined up. Check out my Developer Advocate pages on the Jakarta EE website for an up-to-date list. Please reach out if you are involved in a JUG in the vicinity of an event I am already traveling to as I will be happy to extend my stay and visit your JUG.

Conferences and Events 2023

NameLocationDateBlog Post
Toronto JUGToronto 🇨🇦Dec 7Toronto JUG 2023
Ottawa JUGOttawa 🇨🇦Dec 6Ottawa JUG 2023
JakartaOne Livestreamonline 🌐Dec 5JakartaOne Livestream 2023
Malmö JUGMalmö 🇸🇪Nov 22Malmö JUG 2023
ØredevMalmö 🇸🇪Nov 8-10Øredev 2023
J-FallEde 🇳🇱Nov 9J-Fall 2023
EclipseConLudwigsburg 🇩🇪Oct 16-19EclipseCon 2023
Devoxx MoroccoAgadir 🇲🇦Oct 11-13Devoxx Morocco 2023
Community Over CodeHalifax 🇨🇦Oct 7-10Community Over Code 2023
Devoxx BelgiumAntwerp 🇧🇪Oct 2-6Devoxx Belgium 2023
Montreal JUGMontreal 🇨🇦Sep 22Montreal JUG 2023
Omaha JUGOmaha 🇺🇸Sep 21Omaha JUG 2023
Detroit JUGDetroit 🇺🇸Sep 20Detroit JUG 2023
Garden State JUGNew Jersey 🇺🇸Sep 19Garden State JUG 2023
Central Ohio JUGColumbus 🇺🇸Sep 18Central Ohio JUG 2023
IBM TechXchangeLas Vegas 🇺🇸Sep 11-14IBM TechXchange 2023
Picnic Java MeetupAmsterdam 🇳🇱Sep 6Picnic Java Meetup 2023
JCreteKolymvari 🇬🇷Jul 2-7JCrete 2023
Amsterdam JUGAmsterdam 🇳🇱Jun 29Amsterdam JUG 2023
GOTO AmsterdamAmsterdam 🇳🇱Jun 27-29GOTO Amsterdam 2023
JPrimeSofia 🇧🇬May 30-31JPrime 2023
InfoshareGdańsk 🇵🇱May 24-25Infoshare 2023
Devoxx UKLondon 🇬🇧May 10-12Devoxx UK 2023
Devoxx GreeceAthens 🇬🇷May 4-6Devoxx Greece 2023
GIDSBangalore 🇮🇳Apr 25-28GIDS 2023
Java Heroes Conference (Singapore JUG)Singapore 🇸🇬Apr 13Java Heroes Conference (Singapore JUG) 2023
DevnexusAtlanta 🇺🇸Apr 4-6Devnexus 2023
JavaLandBrühl 🇩🇪Mar 21-23JavaLand 2023
ConFooMontreal 🇨🇦Feb 22-24ConFoo 2023
DeveloperWeekOakland 🇺🇸Feb 15-17DeveloperWeek 2023
JfokusStockholm 🇸🇪Feb 6-8Jfokus 2023
jChampionsConfonline 🌐Jan 19-24jChampionsConf 2023
THAT Conference TexasRound Rock 🇺🇸Jan 16-18THAT Conference Texas 2023

Earlier this year, in May to be exact, I decided to revive my Instagram presence and started posting pictures there. Please take a look and don’t be shy to ask for a selfie with me if we cross paths.

Since I am an avid runner, I always bring my running gear with me when I travel. I also usually bring some extra Jakarta EE running shirts for those who would like to join me on a morning run before a conference starts. Check out the #runWithJakartaEE tag on social media.

I hope to see you all at conferences and meetups throughout 2024!