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The Top 5 Jakarta EE Talks From EclipseCon 2020

Tuesday, January 5, 2021 - 10:38 by Hudson Kelly

The Eclipse Foundation held our first ever virtual EclipseCon in 2020. Featuring ten different tracks including one dedicated to Cloud Native Java, the October conference was a massive success, bringing together familiar and fresh faces all with a shared passion for Eclipse technologies. 

Featuring thirteen sessions over three days, the Cloud Native Java track proved to be an audience favorite both in the conference and after when the sessions were posted to the Eclipse Foundation YouTube Channel. Given the quality of the sessions and the size and passion of the Jakarta EE community, this popularity was no surprise. Amassing over 4,000 views already, you can watch every Cloud Native session from EclipseCon on the Jakarta EE YouTube page, in a playlist dedicated specifically to our community’s content. 

Now, let’s look back at the five most popular Cloud Native Java sessions from the event, based on views: 


#5 Quarkus - Supersonic Subatomic Java - Anamarija Talijanac (IBM)

In this session, Anamarija dives into the next generation of cloud native framework for running Java in microservice oriented cloud platforms. With a live-coding demo, she provides an overview of Quarkus and what it brings to the Java ecosystem, namely solving problems in serverless Enterprise Java Cloud environments. 


#4 A different flavor of the distributed transaction - Martin Štefanko (Red Hat, Inc.)

One of the most important & complex areas of computing, transaction protocols can become even more complex when a system moves to distributed environments as each component becomes liable to failures. Using a newly created MicroProfile specification called Long Running Actions, Martin Štefanko shows how the saga pattern provides an alternative to locking protocols that allow individual parts of the transaction to be committed immediately and independently, perfect for long running transactions and distributed systems. 


#3 Deploy your Java applications to the Cloud using Eclipse JKube - Marc Nuri (Red Hat, Inc.)

Requiring nothing more than a basic level of Java and Maven knowledge, Marc Nuri shows how Eclipse JKube is capable of building and deploying your Java applications to the cloud quickly and easily with little configuration and a seamless user experience. 


#2 A comparative review of microservice frameworks - Karsten Thoms (Karakun AG) Hendrik Ebbers (Karakun AG)

Karsten Thoms and Hendrik Ebbers Take an in depth look at the most popular Microservice frameworks in the Java ecosystem including SpringBoot, Quarkus, MicroProfile and more. Discover the unique selling points behind each, their respective technology stacks, response time and quality and find out how to start writing your own microservices using each framework. 


#1 Secure Microservices made easy with Eclipse MicroProfile JWT - Emily Jiang (IBM)

If you’re wondering how to secure your microservices, Emily Jiang and Eclipse MicroProfile JWT may have your answer. In the most popular Cloud Native Java talk from EclipseCon 2020, Emily provides an overview of the MicroProfile JWT design - a token based authentication and authorization mechanism enabling clients to access services using JWT tokens. After her overview, Emily puts JWT in action in a demo with Open Liberty and Quarkus. 

Take a look back at all the Cloud Native Java sessions by visiting the EclipseCon 2020 Playlist on the Jakarta EE YouTube!