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The Top 5 ECD Tools Sessions from EclipseCon 2020

Thursday, January 7, 2021 - 15:03 by Hudson Kelly

Despite not yet having a dedicated track at EclipseCon 2020, the growing need for and adoption of Cloud Development Tools was prominent in the first virtual edition of the annual conference. With eleven Cloud Development Tool-related sessions that have earned nearly 4,000 views combined since the October event, clearly the Eclipse Cloud Development (ECD) Tools Working Group and community at large are key pieces of the Eclipse Foundation Ecosystem, and awareness around cloud tooling projects is quickly growing. You can watch all  ECD Tools-related EclipseCon sessions on the Eclipse Foundation YouTube Channel under the Eclipse Cloud Development Tools Playlist. Now, let’s take a look at the five most popular ECD Tools sessions from EclipseCon, based on views:  


#5: Diagram editors in the web with Eclipse GLSP - Philip Langer and Maximilian Koegel (EclipseSource)

Philip Langer and Maximilian Koegel from EclipseSource held a session on the Eclipse Graphical Language Server Platform (GLSP).  They discuss the process of building a modern, web-based diagram editor or migrating an existing diagram editor to the web-- replacing GMF and similar frameworks in cloud-based tools using the Eclipse GLSP. This presentation provides an overview of the basic GLSP architecture and includes common use cases and advantages of GLSP integration with Eclipse Theia, VS Code and the Eclipse desktop IDE. 


#4: Deploy your Java Applications to the Cloud Using Eclipse JKube - Marc Nuri (Red Hat)  

Requiring nothing more than a basic level of Java and Maven knowledge, Marc Nuri from Red Hat shows how Eclipse JKube is capable of building and deploying your Java applications to the cloud quickly and easily, with little configuration and a seamless user experience.


#3: Beyond LSP: Getting Your Language Into Theia and VS Code - Jan Koehnlein (TypeFox GmbH) 

Looking to build a custom programming language? The Eclipse ecosystem offers everything you need. Learn from Jan Koehnlein (TypeFox GmbH) to build VS Code extensions with an Xtext-based language server and Sprotty visualization. The session covers the base architecture of a VS Code extension and how a language server is configured, as well as how you can add WebView to Sprotty Diagrams. 


#2: Coding Kubernetes for kids with Scratch and Che - Sun Tan and Ilya Buziuk (Red Hat)

For the little coders in your life, Sun Tan and Ilya Buziuk from Red Hat introduce Scratch, a programming tool for children. Using Eclipse Che to build custom Scratch blocks, kids can interact with Kubernetes, code their applications and share with friends.


#1: Eclipse Theia vs Che vs VS Code - Jonas Helming (EclipseSource)  

Should you use VS Code or Eclipse Theia? How does Theia relate to Eclipse Che? What about Che and VS Code? Jonas Helming of EclipseSource clears up the confusion and provides a comprehensive overview and comparison of some of the most interesting projects in the online IDE and cloud development tools space.