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The Top 3 Jakarta Tech Talks of 2020

Thursday, December 17, 2020 - 08:29 by Hudson Kelly

With a record 18 sessions in 2020 and over 1400 attendees, the Jakarta Tech Talk webinar series has grown at an incredible rate since its 2019 inception. Our cloud native Java community has continued to share & engage in a common passion for learning about new and updated technologies. In 2021, we hope to bring even more Tech Talk webinars to our audience and shine a light on the innovation our open source contributors are driving on technologies like Jakarta EE 9, MicroProfile, Kubernetes and more. 

We have a few talks lined up in early 2021 already, but we need you, our cloud native community, to share your hard work. If you have been working on a Cloud Native Java project, let the Jakarta Tech Talk audience know! Session formats are flexible (live-coding, demo, formal presentation, Q&A are all possible). Share your story by signing up to present a Jakarta Tech Talk.

Looking for some inspiration or to learn more about Cloud Native Java? Check out the most popular talks of 2020, based on the number of views:


Honorable Mention: Managing State in Elastic Microservices - Aleks Seovic


In September, Aleks Seovic presented his first Jakarta Tech talk, covering the issues with state management in elastic microservices today and how Oracle Coherence, with its Helidon and MicroProfile integrations provide a better alternative moving forward. 


Honorable Mention: Jakarta MVC - The Specification that Never Dies - Ivar Grimstad

Jakarta EE Developer Advocate Ivar Grimstad presented Jakarta MVC - the community specification. This live-coding session covered all aspects of the MVC in action and the journey to MVC 1.1 and beyond. 

#3: Utilizing JSF Front Ends with Microservices - Josh Juneau

In this discussion, Josh explains how to build sophisticated Microservice based applications with your existing knowledge of Jakarta Server Faces. He introduced the principles used to leverage JSF to build stateless views that utilize RESTful web services for performing database interactions in this live-coding Tech Talk. 


#2: Architecting Cloud Computing Solutions with Java - Otavio Santana

Otavio uses pizza as a service to build a cloud computing solution and explains when to use Jakarta EE versus MicroProfile.


#1: Jakarta Tech Talk - Jakarta EE vs. / or / and MicroProfile: A Developer's Perspective #lowslides - Adam Bien


Our most popular Jakarta Tech Talk of 2020 focused on the relationship between Jakarta EE & MicroProfile —what to choose and when. It also covered how to start your own project , see the available runtimes and the developer experience in each. As always, Adam presented a coding-heavy, #lowslides session you can replicate at home. 

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