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Cloud Tool Time: a webinar series for cloud development tools

Monday, December 21, 2020 - 15:26 by Hudson Kelly

Launched in November 2020, the Cloud Tool Time webinar series aims to educate, innovate and engage with the fast growing cloud development tools community. The Eclipse Cloud Development (ECD) Tools working group has produced two webinar sessions to date, with promising community support and turnout for both sessions. Looking to 2021, the working group has already confirmed eight more Tool Time events for the first half of the year and is accepting proposals for presentations to fill the schedule through the balance of the year.  If you would like to share your work with an engaged community, be sure to sign up using this fast and simple registration form. Before unveiling the 2021 lineup, let's review the two sessions from 2020: 


Eclipse Theia vs. Eclipse Che vs. VS Code | Jonas Helming, EclipseSource 

In the kickoff session for Cloud Tool Time, Jonas Helming runs through instances and clears up use cases regarding three popular projects; Eclipse Theia, Eclipse Che and VS. Code. When is VS Code more appropriate than Eclipse Theia? How does Theia relate to Eclipse Che? What about Che and VS Code? Jonas clears up the confusion and provides a comprehensive overview and comparison of some of the most interesting projects in the online IDE and cloud development tools space.


Distribute Your VS Code Extensions With Open VSX | Miro Spönemann, TypeFox 

In this session, Miro introduces you to the public instance of Open VSX (available at open-vsx.org), and explains how you can install your own instance to manage your organization’s in-house extensions. The content is similar to the talk at EclipseCon 2020, but with a stronger focus on participation through questions and a "try it yourself" part.


The Next Session

With another eight sessions already planned for 2021, the Cloud Tool Time program promises plenty of developer tool content for cloud enthusiasts. Mario Loriedo, Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat will kick off the first Cloud Tool Time of the year on January 21 with “Eclipse Che Internals.” To get a better understanding of the Che workspace and its architecture, startup sequence and more, register for the webinar.


2021 Schedule:

January 21: Eclipse Che Internals - Mario Loriedo, Red Hat

February 16: Deploying a Quarkus application into Kubernetes using JKube - Marc Nuri, Red Hat

March 9: Web-based modeling tools with EMF.cloud - Maximilian Koegel, EclipseSource

March 30: Getting Started with Eclipse Dirigible - Yordan Pavlov, SAP

April 20: Diagram editors in Theia and VSCode with Eclipse GLSP - Philip Langer, EclipseSource

May 11: Eclipse Che and GitHub Codespaces - Mario Loriedo, Red Hat

June 1: Low-Code Development with Eclipse Dirigible - Yordan Pavlov, SAP

June 29: Web-based tools - built with Eclipse (only) - Maximilian Koegel, EclipseSource 

Have a presentation the cloud development tools audience would enjoy? Sign up now and get added to the schedule.