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Don’t miss these talks about Web and Desktop Tools & IDEs at EclipseCon 2021

Thursday, September 23, 2021 - 00:00 by Hailley Seed

Some of the most influential developer tools and IDE platforms are built around Eclipse projects. EclipseCon is our biggest event of the year, and this year’s Web and Desktop Tools & IDEs track promises to be a good one. The track will include presentations from both adopters of, and contributors to, well-known projects like Theia,  Che, OpenVSX and more! It will cover the best frameworks and extensions, how they have been built, what technologies they adopt, and lessons learned. Join us to learn more about all the recent tool innovations and related plug-ins/extensions at EclipseCon 2021! Some of the talks include:


Rust: Develop and test it in a cloud based IDE, run it on a microcontroller

Speakers: Jens Reimann (Red Hat, Inc.) and Ulf Lilleengen (Red Hat, Inc.)

This talk will show an example on how to move traditional "local" development to a cloud based IDE setup. In a case where it is not as simple as with other workloads, it will explain how abstractions and technologies (like WebAssembly) can help. Learn More


Getting started with Eclipse Cloud Dev Tools

Speaker: Jonas Helming (EclipseSource)

In this talk, Jonas will get you up to speed with a comprehensive overview of the exciting Cloud DevTools technologies and how they can help you adapt your tools and dev infrastructure into the cloud. He will also point you to further resources, including articles, projects and other talks at EclipseCon to dive deeper into specific topics of interest. Learn More


CDT.cloud? C/C++ tooling in the web

Speaker: Stefan Dirix (EclipseSource)

This talk will discuss the most common bits and pieces of a C/C++ tool chain in general, and in addition, put a special focus on embedded development. It will also cover basic concepts, such as LSP,  the technology selection, provide recommendations and point out components currently under development to look out for in the near future. A demonstration of how to integrate all that into an example C/C++ tool that may act as the basis for your custom C/C++ tool product will also be conducted. Learn More.


Put On Your X-ray glasses - It’s Time to Trace

Speaker: Matthew Khouzam (Ericsson)

In this talk, Matthew Khouzam will discuss tracing, and how it plays in a world where profiling and debugging already exist.  Eclipse Trace Compass will be used to visualize the results and guide the developer to solve issues. The summarizing views of the flame graph and density view will be compared, while also detailing when certain views are more interesting to use than others and how to use the results of the trace viewer to communicate the observed problem. Matthew will also demonstrate how to  troubleshoot a large monolithic project, even without sufficient logs. Learn more.


Zero to One : How to Integrate a Graphical Editor in a Cloud IDE

Speakers: Axel RICHARD (OBEO) and Stephane Begaudeau (OBEO)


This session will present how to integrate a graphical editor into VS Code and Theia. The demo will show how to add your graphical editor, model explorer and properties views into theCloud IDE all through one powerful framework, Sirius Web! Learn More.

Don’t miss out on EclipseCon 2021 (October 25 - 28), it is online and free to attend! Be sure to register so you don’t miss a full program of technical talks, community day and networking opportunities. For more information on this event check eclipsecon.org/2021 and @eclipsecon.