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Don’t miss these 4 talks about Jakarta EE at this year's JakartaOne Livestream

Thursday, November 11, 2021 - 00:00 by Hailley Seed

2021 was an exciting year for Jakarta EE! Major Platform releases as well as individual Component releases throughout the year and more feature content planned for 2022! Jump on the Jakarta EE bandwagon and learn about the pent-up demand for this cloudnative Java programming model in these 4 talks at JakartaOne Livestream 2021.


GlassFish at Eclipse and Jakarta EE 10

Speaker: Arjan Tijms

This session will explore the GlassFish server and the new Jakarta release that it implements Jakarta EE 10. It will overview the history of GlassFish, dating back to 1996. At the Eclipse foundation GlassFish has been reinvigorated, the session will mention some of the recent developments that have been carried out by the various contributors to Eclipse, where GlassFish currently stands, especially in relation to the exciting new Jakarta EE 10 release and show some highlights from the all new Jakarta Faces 4.0 and Jakarta Security 3.0.  Learn more.


Jakarta EE Roadmap

Speaker: Kevin Sutter

Jakarta EE ended 2020 with the major Jakarta EE 9 release in December. This release allowed Jakarta EE to formally break away from Oracle and the JCP by changing the package names across the board from “javax” to “jakarta”. Although a disrupting change, the industry seems to have embraced this direction with support from many stack products, tools, and processes. This release was quickly followed up by the Jakarta EE 9.1 release which supports the Java SE 11 runtime. This demonstrated Jakarta EE’s commitment to keeping up with the LTS versions of Java.

Recently, the Jakarta EE 10 Release Plan was completed and approved. This Plan outlines 12 Major version and 11 Minor version updates of component specifications. This extensive set of community-driven specifications demonstrates the pent-up demand for updating and modernizing this critical Java programming model. In addition to the updates for the existing set of specifications, Jakarta EE 10 will also introduce us to Jakarta Config and a new Core Profile that can be utilized by lightweight runtimes. This session will focus on all of this new content and direction for Jakarta EE 10. Learn more.


Jakarta EE + MicroProfile = Cloud Native 2.0

Speaker: Adam Bien

Kubernetes, Serverless, FaaS, and Java. What are the benefits of running Java applications natively on public cloud services? What benefits do Jakarta EE and MicroProfile bring, with and without GraalVM, for running applications in the clouds? What are the architectural changes between on-premise and public cloud deployments? What about the hybrid and multi-cloud approach? This session will discuss new and unconventional strategies for architecting Java services for the clouds through a code demo.  Learn more.


Powering Jakarta EE and MicroProfile on Azure with Open Liberty and OpenShift

Speakers:Reza Rahman and Graham Charters

Want to see how the Java ecosystem and the cloud opens new possibilities for developers? Then this session is for you! It will explore how familiar companies like IBM and Microsoft can collaborate around open technologies in ways you may not have expected just a few years ago.

This fast-faced, demo-heavy session will show first-hand how to run Open Liberty on Azure managed OpenShift. In a real time demo you will see how to stand up a cluster quickly and deploy a realistic Java EE/Jakarta EE/MicroProfile application that integrates with some services on the cloud such as database, directory server, cache or log aggregator.  Learn more.


Don’t miss out on JakartaOne Livestream December 7th, 2021,  it is online and free to attend! Be sure to register to be entered into a giveaway for fascinating prizes and so you don’t miss a full day of technical talks! These talks will provide insights into the current state and future of Jakarta EE and related technologies focused on developing cloud native Java applications.  For more information on this event check jakartaone.org/2021/ and @JakartaOneConf