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Be sure to check out these Java and JDT Talks at EclipseCon 2021

Thursday, September 9, 2021 - 14:44 by Hailley Seed

How is Java moving forward faster with a rapid release model? Every new Java version promises interesting features and updates. Dynamic projects like Adoptium, OpenJ9 and others will be discussed at EclipseCon 2021. 


The Java and JDT track will include talks that share what's new in Java tooling, demonstrate tips & tricks, share experiences with pattern matching, records, module system, Java libraries, garbage collection, performance tuning, real-time Java, combining Java with other JVM languages, and other interesting things done in the Java world. Don’t miss these talks at EclipseCon 2021:


Structured Concurrency with Project Loom

Speaker: Sarika Sinha (IBM)

Project Loom exists as a separate project right now and can be expected to be part of mainstream Java soon. It will be exciting to understand the details and look at the challenges it poses for an IDE such as Eclipse. The objective of this presentation is to show the new features of Project Loom and demonstrate the usage with real examples. The objective is to quick-start the users, highlight the capabilities and challenges with the virtual threads. Learn more


What's New in Java?

Speaker: Manoj Palat (IBM)

This presentation will cover what 's new in Java, specifically in Java 17 and Java 16 releases (Sep 2021 and March 2021 respectively) and in general other immediate future releases as well from the Java language perspective. Learn more.


Walking through the Eclipse IDE tooling support for new Java versions

Speaker: Kalyan Prasad Tatavarthi (IBM)

Eclipse IDE provides a list of UI features built on top of Java language support. Due to it’s fast evolving pace, Eclipse IDE also needs to keep pace with the new Java release cycle with support added in UI for the new features- both standard and preview. These UI features will be covered in detail in this presentation through live demos with relevant code snippets. Learn more.


Don’t miss out on EclipseCon 2021 (October 25 - 28), it is online and free to attend! Be sure to register so you don’t miss a full program of technical talks, community day and networking opportunities. For more information on this event check eclipsecon.org/2021 and @eclipsecon