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4 Talks on Tools to Look Forward to at EclipseCon 2021

Thursday, August 26, 2021 - 12:19 by Hailley Seed

EclipseCon is our biggest event of the year, and this year’s Modeling Tools and Technologies track promises to be a good one. The track will cover the many Eclipse projects supporting the creation and deployment of modeling tools and low-code/no-code environments. Contributions in the areas of desktop or web-based tools, textual or graphical, model transformation and code generation using technologies such as Theia, Sirius, EMF.cloud, GLSP, Sprotty and many more. Register today so you don’t miss these talks:


Alice's Adventures in Sirius Web land

Speaker: Melanie Bats (OBEO)

This session will introduce and demonstrate: how to describe your domain, how to specify your graphical editor, how to deploy your studio to your end-users and everything from your browser, thanks to Sirius Web! All examples and demonstrations will use 100% open-source software, live and in real time. Learn more.


Diagram editors with Eclipse GLSP - 1.0

Speaker: Philip Langer (EclipseSource)

This talk will introduce the 1.0 release of Eclipse GLSP and outline the amazing journey this technology has taken since its inception. We will discuss the basic concepts and motivation behind Eclipse GLSP, provide a demonstration of new features and show example diagram editors from industrial and community adopter projects, such as a UML editor, commercial function block editor, etc. Learn more.


Model validation, diffing and more with EMF.cloud

Speaker: Maximilian Koegel (EclipseSource)

This talk will provide an overview of the most important building blocks of EMF.cloud and demonstrate how you can apply them within your own domain-specific tool. It will also introduce new components and features that have been recently added to the project that will be presented at EclipseCon for the first time. Learn more.


Building a model application with Theia and EMF.cloud: the DISCO experience

Speaker: Vincent Hemery (CS GROUP)

This presentation will share real world experiences on adopting Theia and EMF.cloud frameworks to build custom user-oriented model-based products for the web, as well as for desktop applications. It will also demonstrate how external users can customize these technologies to their needs and contribute to the functionality. Learn more.


Don’t miss out on EclipseCon 2021 (October 25 - 28), it is online and free to attend! Be sure to register so you don’t miss a full program of technical talks, community day and networking opportunities. For more information on this event check eclipsecon.org/2021 and @eclipsecon