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EclipseCon 2021 Early Bird talks

Wednesday, June 9, 2021 - 14:34 by Gael Blondelle

I recently shared a Q&A with Cédric Brun,  program committee chair for EclipseCon 2021,  who explained how the program is chosen. Now, we highlight five talks that the committee chose for early acceptance, along with Cédric’s insights on why the program committee was excited to include these talks.

Open-Source in Safety-Critical Systems? How does that work? - Simon Hoinkis
"I'm excited to learn how the automotive industry combines open source development and critical systems to ensure safety in autonomous vehicles. I'm pretty sure many other domains dealing with systems requiring safety and quality certifications will benefit from this talk", says Cédric

Having Fun with Testing - Simplify and  Gamify AQA Tests using Machine Learning and Twitter - Shelley Lambert, Lan Xia, Longyu Zhang, Sophia Guo, Sayani Mallick, Asjad Khan, Avishree Khare
"I'm definitely curious about this one. It’s a cool experiment to bring gamification to manual processes and testing in the developer's daily workflow -- all of that applied on OpenJ9 and AQAvit projects, while mixing deep learning and Twitter."

Machine Learning with Java? Deeplearning4j! - Enrique Llerena Dominguez
"This talk is a nice opportunity to learn more about DeepLearning4J, a commercial-grade open source project, hosted at the Eclipse Foundation, written for Java and Scala, and how you can use it to make predictions with models."

Structured Concurrency with Project Loom - Sarika Sinha
"I've read a few articles about Project Loom, which plans to introduce "fibers" (virtual threads) to the Java Virtual Machine. The JVM is an incredible piece of engineering with impressive performance. Concurrency is king in our world of multi-core machines, so I'm looking forward to discovering the new features coming up in this project through real examples."

Micro Frontends using WebComponents and MicroProfile GraphQL - Phillip Kruger
"Since the early days of the Eclipse community, extensibility and modularity have been major topics, from the core logic to the user interface. Now that many technologies are moving to the Web, sometimes with microservices-like architecture, I'm eager to learn how UI extensibility can be achieved using Web technologies in this context and what trade-offs are involved."

Interested in joining these speakers and presenting at EclipseCon? The call for proposals closes June 15, so submit your talk now

These five talks are just a preview of what is to come at EclipseCon 2021 — watch for the full program announcement in early July. EclipseCon 2021 (October 25 - 28) is online and free to attend. We hope to see you there!