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Early Bird Talks at EclipseCon 2022 in Ludwigsburg

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 - 12:38 by Gael Blondelle

EclipseCon is heading back to Ludwigsburg!

After two years of virtual editions, we are looking forward to getting the community back together face-to-face. This year’s program will have talks covering the breadth of the Eclipse Foundation ecosystem — from Java, cloud native, web and desktop IDEs, IoT, modeling, quality and security — to the open source business models, community and governance talks.

While the call for proposals is open until June 15, the program committee has gone ahead and selected five early bird talks:

Security Vulnerabilities for Java Developers

Speaker: Brian Demers 

Ever seen a security-related issue that you felt should be reported? Unsure of how reporting a security issue is different than a regular bug? Developers of any level should know how to report a vulnerability. In this talk, we will talk about what CVEs are, some general vulnerability classifications, look at a few ways you can report security issues, as well as look at a few common mistakes.

Knowing how to report a vulnerability is just half the battle, you also need to keep your applications free of them. We will dig into the recent Log4Shell vulnerability and discuss lessons learned when scrambling to update versions. Finally, we will talk about how this scramble can be avoided by getting notifications when new security issues are announced, and how to keep your applications updated automatically.

This talk is geared toward non-security professionals.

The Open Source Effect

Speaker: Benjamin Muskalla

Have you ever wondered why there are so many rock star developers working on open source projects? Wondered why it is usually not a single developer but multiple great engineers working on a project together? Is it maybe that they have more time on their hands than others? Or is it maybe, just maybe, that those people became better engineers because they started contributing to open source? In this talk, I’ll share some lessons learned from contributing to open source, the people I’ve met, worked with and most importantly, learned from. We’ll gain some insight into the work of some of my fellow engineers that I met along the way and how open source had a significant impact on their careers. We’ll also put ourselves into the position of an open source maintainer to learn about contributions which, though they may not be obvious, play a vital role in the trajectory of an open-source project.

Together we’ll figure out how open source can help you grow as a software engineer - one contribution at a time.

How to Train Your Dragon and Its Friends: AI on the Edge with Eclipse Kura IoT & Edge

Speakers: Pierantonio Merlino & Mattia Dal Ben 

A case-study of the lifecycle of a machine learning-based application within the Eclipse Kura ecosystem: from data collection to training, deployment and inference on the edge.

We'll focus on the process of creating a deep learning anomaly detector from scratch, leveraging the entire Eclipse Kura ecosystem:

  • Data collection: Kura Wires for collecting diagnostic data from an appliance and upload on the Eclipse Kapua cloud
  • Training: How can we download the collected data from Eclipse Kapua and develop a model within our preferred ML library (Tensorflow/Keras).
  • Inference: How can we export the trained model for running on an Inference Server (Nvidia Triton™ Server) which will be our target runtime.
  • Deployment: How can we deploy this trained model on the edge device leveraging the intuitive Eclipse Kura Wires interface and running the models with Eclipse Kura's inference engine service.

Exciting new and upcoming Eclipse Kura features for Edge AI (AI Model Encryption, New Inference Servers support and more).

Eclipse SDV: What’s Happened since Last Year?

Speakers: Daniel Krippner & Harald Ruckriegel 

In the course of 2021, a number of initiatives were instantiated with the aim to address topics in the general context of Software Defined Vehicles - Eclipse SDV and SOAFEE are among the new kids on the block, working to define their place among established groups like COVESA or even industry heavyweights like AUTOSAR. (There are many others - but the word count for this summary is limited, so... ;-) )

This talk will give an update and overview of what has happened in Eclipse SDV since last year and offer continuation of some of the ideas presented then. We will provide an overview of the projects contributed to Eclipse SDV so far, and the associated schedule and approach for onboarding and hopefully linking up these diverse contributions. It will also provide a glimpse into the going-ons at SOAFEE and present a relationship overview of some of the initiatives in the SDV space.

There are no knowledge prerequisites for this session, other than a general interest in the Software Defined Vehicle space. Attendees will learn about the state and activities of the Eclipse SDV working group and some of the ideas involved, in the context of the larger SDV community.

Eclipse Adoptium & OpenJDK Panel

Organizer: George Adams

Last year, the AdoptOpenJDK project moved to the Eclipse Foundation under its new name Eclipse Adoptium. Meet the Eclipse Adoptium Working Group members to get the latest news regarding itself and the related Eclipse Temurin (OpenJDK binaries), AQAvit (Quality Assurance) and Adoptium Marketplace (multi-vendor binaries) projects.


Submissions close June 15

Interested in joining these speakers and presenting at EclipseCon? The call for proposals closes June 15, so submit your talk now

These five talks are just a preview of what is to come at EclipseCon 2022 — watch for the full program announcement in early July. EclipseCon 2022 will take place in Ludwigsburg, Germany, October 24 - 27.  We hope to see you there!