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Three Good Reasons to Complete the 2022 Cloud Developer Survey

Wednesday, November 23, 2022 - 09:45 by Clark Roundy

Our annual global Cloud Developer Survey is now open, and the Eclipse Cloud DevTools Working Group is inviting everyone in the cloud development ecosystem to add their voice. The more people who complete the survey, the more accurate the picture we can present back to the industry. Here’s a brief look at why that’s important for you.


1. Better Understand Cloud Development Trends

Knowing the latest trends in cloud development helps you make more informed decisions about your cloud strategy and the development tools you use to get there.

In our 2021 Cloud Developer Survey, more than 300 software developers, DevOps specialists, architects, and IT leaders across the U.S., UK, France, and Germany were interviewed. Their answers in spring 2021 revealed some interesting trends. At the time:

  • More than 40 percent of respondents said their company’s most important applications were already cloud native. And only three percent said their company had no cloud migration plans for important on-premises applications.
  • Respondents said they prefer open source solutions for IDEs and tools because they have better ability to customize tools, plug in to existing environments, and experiment with unfamiliar technologies.
  • Respondents said they’re willing to use a variety of development tools, but prefer using tools they’re already familiar with, and 57 percent said they were still using desktop IDEs.

Cloud development is always evolving, so it would be very helpful for those in the ecosystem to have fresh insight into:

  • Whether organizations have accelerated their migration to cloud-native applications
  • Whether organizations are porting applications to the cloud, re-architecting them, or building new, cloud-native versions
  • Which cloud development environments and tools are most widely used today


2. Discover Key Opportunities for Innovation in the Cloud Tools Ecosystem

Cloud development is still a relatively new area so it’s crucial to understand where the best opportunities for innovation lie.

Last year, open source was considered a major innovation driver. It’s a rare number to see in survey results, but 100 percent of participants said their organizations allow developers to use open source technologies for software development. At the same time, developers were being pushed to do more with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and edge technologies, all of which are driven by open source innovation. 

Is open source software still at the heart of cloud tools innovation? Are companies increasing or decreasing their investments in open source and why? And do developers want to see their employers invest more in open source? These are the kinds of questions that can only be accurately answered with your input.


3. Get Free Research and Recommendations 

The survey results are available free-of-charge and are a valuable source of cloud developer research. Along with detailed survey results, we provide summaries of key findings and recommendations that help decision-makers put the survey data in context and take the right actions for their organization. 


Add Your Voice to the Survey

Completing the Cloud Developer Survey takes just a few minutes of your time. 

Start now.