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Help Define IoT and Edge Computing Trends by Participating in Our Annual Survey

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 - 07:47 by Clark Roundy

This week the Eclipse IoT and Eclipse Edge Native Working Groups officially launched our 2022 IoT & Edge Developer and Adoption Survey. This annual survey is well-known for delivering unique and critical insights across the IoT and edge computing industry landscapes.

If your company uses or deploys commercial IoT and edge computing solutions; or if you’re a developer working on IoT or edge technologies, please take a few minutes before June 15 to complete the survey.


This year, for the first time, we will be collecting data on trends in development, as well as commercial adoption in the same survey. Participants will have the option of completing either one or both sections. Findings for both surveys will be published later this year. 

These findings will provide valuable up-to-date industry data that enterprises, software vendors, hardware manufacturers, service providers, and other IoT & edge ecosystem stakeholders can use to guide their business strategies. The results will also include our interpretation of the data, offer recommendations, and compare/contrast how technology adoption has changed over the past two years.

There is a lot of interest in what developers and technology professionals have to say about the modern IoT and edge computing landscape, and how the technologies are being deployed. Both the 2021 IoT and Edge Developer Survey and 2021 IoT & Edge Commercial Adoption Survey reports received significant industry interest, and were widely referenced and shared by several media outlets.

In this year’s survey we’re asking developers and technology professionals about operating systems, programming languages, hardware architectures, and the security solutions they prefer to use in various situations. We’re also looking at how companies are prioritizing IoT and edge computing solutions in 2022 and beyond; and which industries & applications are leading the way. 

We need your input! Your participation in one or both surveys will help define market trends that our members and the broader open source community rely on to stay up to date with changing industry needs and expectations. Please be sure your voice is heard by completing the survey.

Get Involved

The Eclipse IoT and Edge Native working groups are thriving environments with dozens of open source technology projects that provide the basis for many commercial IoT solutions. Here are some links to find out more about these communities:

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