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From AI to Urban Transformation: Insights from the 2023 IoT & Edge Developer Survey Report

Tuesday, November 7, 2023 - 10:34 by Clark Roundy

The ninth edition of the Eclipse Foundation’s IoT & Edge Developer Survey Report is a window into the ever-evolving IoT and edge computing landscape, where open source technologies are playing a pivotal role in solving real-world challenges across diverse industries. And guess what? The 2023 findings reveal that there is even more innovation happening than ever before, with development activities increasing across all sectors when compared to our 2022 survey.

Industrial automation and agriculture are once again the two leading market segments, but smart buildings and cities are emerging as dark horses in this race, indicating a groundswell of interest in building automation, connected/smart cities, energy management, and transportation. The momentum is undeniable, with a future that holds boundless possibilities for urban transformation.

One of the standout findings is that artificial intelligence continues to be the shining star among edge computing workloads.  As AI investment grows, this finding is not surprising. What’s interesting, however,  is that control logic has nudged ahead of AI to become the most common edge workload for IoT solutions utilizing edge gateways and/or edge nodes. It's a shift that hints at the nuanced requirements of diverse IoT applications.

This year’s global survey drew insights from over 1000 developers, committers, architects, and decision-makers across a spectrum of industries. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate and contribute to our comprehensive understanding of the IoT and edge computing landscape. Your input has proven invaluable.

These findings aren’t just for show. They also unveil fresh opportunities for businesses in the IoT and edge computing domain. With MQTT emerging as the preferred IIoT communication protocol for nearly half of the survey participants, companies might want to give it a closer look. 

Moreover, the void created by the exit of several IoT middleware providers in 2022, like Google Cloud IoT Platform, Bosch IoT Suite, IBM Watson IoT, and SAP Internet of Things, presents a substantial opportunity. While nearly half of the participants have relied on one of these middleware offerings, only 12% have migrated to a new one. This underscores the untapped potential for middleware innovation in the ever-evolving IoT and edge computing space.

This is just a taste of what you will find in the 2023 survey report. We encourage you to dive deeper into the insights and recommendations we’ve shared. For a complete spectrum of our findings and insightful recommendations, we invite you to download the complete 2023 IoT & Edge Developer Survey Report

To connect with the vibrant Eclipse IoT community and stay updated on the latest developments in the world of IoT and edge computing, be sure to visit iot.eclipse.org.    

Thank you for joining us in this journey of discovery and innovation. The future of IoT and edge computing holds immense promise, and together, we're shaping it. Download the report and stay connected – the adventure continues.