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Quicksilver: eclipse.org new look and feel

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 - 10:30 by Christopher Guindon

Eclipse.org new home page

I am pleased to announce a new look and feel for www.eclipse.org, codenamed Quicksilver, and a new logo for the Eclipse Foundation which Mike Milinkovich, the Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation, has blogged about.

The main goal of the redesign is to highlight the Eclipse Foundation as more than just the IDE it started with. We want the site to reflect the fact that the Foundation now represents a collection of working groups, open source projects, vendors and individual committers all collaborating in the same space to create innovative technologies.

We hope we have the balance right, making sure it remains easy for the millions of developers who visit our site to get to their desired downloads easily and quickly.

A Quicksilver prototype is available now via our public staging server. This server is protected with basic access authentication. The username is testuser and plaintext is the password.

The main focus of this redesign was on the following pages:

You can participate and contribute to this project by submitting feedback on Bug 533394 - Quicksilver: eclipse.org new look and feel.

Quicksilver is going to be available on April 19th, 2018 for www.eclipse.org only. We will continue the rollout across our broader web properties over the coming weeks.

Technology-wise, Quicksilver is an extension of Solstice. Since this is not a complete overhaul of our existing codebase, we’re expecting the transition from Solstice to Quicksilver to be fairly straightforward. Website maintainers for Eclipse projects and working groups should know that the colors are going to change but we don’t expect to break any existing Eclipse project websites.

Future plans

We plan on changing our look and feel gradually. The following tasks are going to get done after the initial release of Quicksilver:

A lot of work needs to get done before this becomes available but I am very proud of the work we did so far for this project.

A huge thank you to Eric Poirier, Stephanie Swart, Thabang Mashologu, and the entire Eclipse Foundation staff!