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Only one month left to submit your talk for EclipseCon France!

Monday, March 11, 2013 - 10:20 by Benjamin Cabé

EclipseCon France 2013

EclipseCon NA is just around the corner and I know many of you speakers are busy as bees polishing your presentation ; and even if you don’t speak, you are probably already starting to prepare your schedule and make the final travel arrangements.

BUT! The submission deadline for EclipseCon France is fast approaching, and you don’t want to miss the opportunity of speaking in beautiful Toulouse at the beginning of June!

While we are of course open to all the cool ideas you may have and that you think would be interesting for a crowd of open-source and Eclipse aficionados, we are especially looking for submissions on the following themes:

  • Eclipse in the Industry – We all know that Eclipse is a great platform for building industry solutions. Whether you are doing modeling, OSGi, embedded, … I am sure you have feedback to share about deploying Eclipse, and open-source technologies in the context of automotive, aerospace, …
  • Community and business models – The European ecosystem is flourishing of individuals and companies who use open-source on a daily basis to build real-life applications. Come and share your experience in establishing business models for open-source based software, and creating a sound community of adopters and contributors to your technology.
  • Mobile and Web Development – With the (not-so) recent Javascript renaissance, and the always growing ecosystem of web and mobile frameworks, we thought it would be worth a dedicated track. Therefore, we are really looking forward to hearing what you have to share when it comes to using Eclipse in this context.

We are trying a new format for tutorials this year. We want them to be advanced sessions, where participants who already know about a given technology can learn more advanced techniques, with specific usecases in mind.
Workshops are 2-hours long, so you really want to work on making a sharp proposal that will convince the Programm Committee your talk will be giving the most to its participants! ?

So don’t wait any longer, and submit a talk –or several!– NOW!

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