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EclipseCon France call for papers: we want cool stuff!

Friday, April 5, 2013 - 13:59 by Benjamin Cabé

EclipseCon France logo

If you are part of the Eclipse community at large, you cannot ignore that the Call for Papers for EclipseCon France is opened, and the deadline is approaching.
Monday 8th is the deadline if you want a chance to have your talk put in the spotlight as one of the early bird picks made by the PC. Final deadline being Monday April, 15th.

We already have a good deal of submissions, but I strongly encourage you not to wait until the last minute for submitting your talk.
I am particularly interested in getting more proposals around Mobile and Web development using Eclipse, M2M, as well as anything that you think is cool – really! I am actually convinced that if you think your topic is cool, there is a very good chance the Program Committee will too!

Don’t wait any longer and submit your talk NOW! ?

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