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What is LSP? Hint — it’s not a drug

Monday, May 29, 2017 - 05:02 by Anonymous (not verified)

This week, the Eclipse Newsletter features 8 articles about LSP!

What is LSP? It stands for the Language Server Protocol. A new protocol that aims at minimizing the adversity IDE developers and language developers face all the time.

The LSP developed by Microsoft for Visual Studio Code, […] is a language and IDE agnostic protocol which clearly separates language semantics from UI presentation. Language developers can implement the protocol and benefit from immediate support in all IDEs, while IDE developers who implement the protocol get automatic support for all these languages without having to write any language-specific code.
- Mikaël Barbero, Eclipse Foundation

This month’s Eclipse Newsletter is your one-stop shop for all things LSP. I’ve invited Mikaël Barbero to be a guest editor for this newsletter as he has great insight on this new technology and explains why is it worth spending time on. Read the full editor’s note to understand why the LSP will change the way we code.

I know what you’re thinking: “Great, something else I have to learn. It’ll last a few months and then we will move on to the next new shiny thing.” I understand your skepticism, but this new shiny thing is worth a second look :).

Eclipse Newsletter — Language Server Protocol 101

May issue of the Eclipse Newsletter — Language Server Protocol

The featured articles are a great resource and were contributed by various experts from different tech companies. It took a lot of effort and coordination but turned out to be, well simply awesome! Here is the list of articles and contributing authors:

I’d like to thank all the contributors for spending the time to write such detailed and informative articles. I hope you enjoy reading it and learn a lot from the individual perspectives and technical expertise.

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Fun Fact

The May issue of the Eclipse Newsletter contains the word language 35 times, and that is not including the articles!