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Open IoT Challenge 4.0 Scholars

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - 08:45 by Anonymous (not verified)

The fourth edition of the Open IoT Challenge was launched in September and as of November 20, the race to build the best open IoT solution has officially begun!

Over 70 teams have submitted their ideas and are now in the running to win the Open IoT Challenge 4.0.

The participants have four months to make their idea a reality and show everyone how an innovative IoT solution can be built with open source and standards. The deadline to submit their final solution report is March 15. After that deadline, it’s in the jury’s hands. They will review each solution and pick the 3 winning teams.

The Jury

The jury has already deliberated to select the best proposals, which is the first Challenge milestone. They reviewed each proposal and chose the Top 12! You heard that right, 12 lucky teams were selected, not just 10 as originally announced.

Open IoT Challenge 4.0 — Jury

Top 12 Proposals

Congratulations to the Top 12 teams who have been awarded a “starter kit” to the most promising solutions! The kit includes a $150 gift card to buy IoT hardware and a mangOH® Red offered by Sierra Wireless for those who wish to use it to build their solution.

The top teams and the name of the submitters are (in alphabetical order):

To all submitters

You submitted a solution idea for the Challenge, but your name does not appear in this list? That doesn’t mean that you can’t win the Challenge! You’re still in the running for the final prizes, so don’t give up.

We could only select so many teams to be in the top proposals and we actually chose 12 teams instead of 10. Keep working on your solution and show the world how it is done!

Stay tuned

The teams will be sharing their build journey in blog or vlog form, so keep checking the Challenge website to follow their story or follow @EclipseIoT or #OpenIoTChallenge on Twitter to receive updates in your feed.

Thank you to our sponsors for making this the Open IoT Challenge 4.0 possible.

Open IoT Challenge 4.0 Sponsor