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Key messages for June press releases

Tuesday, May 24, 2005 - 05:27 by Anonymous (not verified)

I am starting to write the press releases and analyst briefing materials for our June launch. We have decided to focus on two press releases:

  1. The fact that Eclipse is more than just a Java IDE and will be shipping 9 projects in the June/July timeframe
  2. Eclipse RCP is here now and people are building rich client applications with it.

In the first press release ‘Eclipse is shipping more than just a Java IDE’ I would like to highlight some of the key features for each project. Ideally, these should be the top 3-5 cool things about the release. Below is what I have so far. It would be great to get comments and improvements from the community. I still need to get content for EMF, GEF, UML2 and AspectJ.

Eclipse Platform 3.1
– Support for JDK 1.5
– Significant performance improvements
– Better tools for building RCP applications
– Tighter integration with ANT and an ANT debugger.

Web Tools Project 1.0
– J2EE tools supported by the leading J2EE server vendors BEA, IBM, JBoss, ObjectWeb and others
– Creation and validation tools for web services

Test and Performance Platform Project 4.0
– Significant improvement in support for JUnit
– Integration with requirement and defect tracking management tools
– Usability improvements to tools, documentation and tutorials

Visual Editor 1.1
– Support for building RCP applications.