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Help Identify IoT and Edge Computing Trends By Participating in Our Annual Survey

Wednesday, April 12, 2023 - 14:28 by Anonymous (not verified)

Eclipse IoT and Eclipse Edge Native recently opened the 2023 edition of the IoT & Edge Developer Adoption Survey. The results of the annual survey provide essential insights into the IoT & edge industry landscape, including the unique challenges faced by developers, as well as opportunities for enterprise IoT & edge stakeholders within the open source ecosystem. 

The survey opened on April 11, 2023, closes on June 28, 2023, and takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Provide Insights Into Shifts in the Ecosystem 

Last year’s survey had nearly 1,000 responses and was picked up by over 20 media outlets, clearly showing that it is recognized as an important industry source. 

This year’s edition should reveal some thought-provoking results, as it comes on the heels of some significant shifts in the ecosystem. Some big players, including Bosch, IBM, Google and SAP, discontinued their IoT middleware offerings last year. This is particularly interesting in light of last year’s survey results, which indicated strong growth in IoT adoption. So, we’re curious to see how the ecosystem is adapting to these shifts to the middleware landscape, and we’ve added some questions to that effect. 

Weigh in on Software Supply Chain Security

Software supply chain security has also been a big focus for the Eclipse Foundation. We now have our own dedicated Software Supply Chain Security team. Software supply chain security is also becoming increasingly important to governments, as the European Parliament and the U.S. Congress are both looking at supply chain security-focused legislation. 

We’ve added some questions to the survey about this topic: 

  • Are organizations implementing supply chain security and, if so, how? 
  • How aware are organizations of the need for supply chain security?

Focus on Emerging Technologies and Protocols

There are also some up-and-coming technologies and protocols that we’re keen to see the progression of. Examples include:

  • The Eclipse Zenoh protocol
  • The PAHO suite of MQTT clients
  • Projects using Eclipse Kura as a gateway platform

Identify Challenges, Opportunities, and Priorities

Beyond that, we expect the survey to do what it always has in the past eight years: 

  • Provide essential insights into the IoT & Eedge industry landscape, including the unique challenges faced by developers.
  • Identify opportunities for enterprise IoT & Eedge computing stakeholders within the open source ecosystem. 

As always, the survey will also help the world’s largest open source IoT & edge community hosted at the Eclipse Foundation gain a better understanding of the top development focus areas; and identify priorities for future project releases, as well as priorities and challenges faced by organizations deploying and using commercial IoT & edge solutions.

We encourage all IoT & edge ecosystem players to complete the survey and help the industry gain the broadest possible view of the current state of commercial IoT & edge technologies.

And, as usual, it will be published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0), meaning it can be republished as long as there’s proper attribution. We do this survey, really, on behalf of the community, so it’s important that the broader ecosystem can access this and gain an understanding of the current lay of the land. 

Get Involved

The Eclipse IoT and Edge Native working groups are thriving environments with dozens of open source technology projects that provide the basis for many commercial IoT solutions. Here are two links where you can find out more about these communities: