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Eclipse Seminar Series: Coming to a City Near You

Thursday, December 22, 2005 - 09:46 by Anonymous (not verified)

We are going to launch an Eclipse seminar series in February and early March, visiting San Diego, Dallas, Raleigh/Durham and Atlanta. The purpose of the seminars is two fold: 1) educate technical decision makers in IT departments on the benefit of using Eclipse as a platform for enterprise development and deployment. 2) host some code clinics for developers that are building plug-ins and rcp applications and want the opportunity to work through some of their questions about Eclipse.

In each city we will have a morning seminar and an afternoon seminar. The morning seminar will feature Carl Zetie from Forrester Research talking about his research into enterprise adoption of Eclipse. Cliff Schmidt the VP of Legal Affairs at Apache Software Foundation will do a presentation explaining open source licensing and we will have a number of case studies from different member companies. Our hope is that it will be the type of information that educates IT development management on the reasons to adopt Eclipse in their departments. So, if you know of anyone that might be interested, please send them to the registration site.

In the afternoon, Wayne Beaton and a number of committers will lead the code clinics. The idea is to have a relatively informal work session where developers can bring their laptops, code and questions. Wayne and the committers will be on-hand to work with the attendees on their application. It should be a great opportunity for people developing Eclipse applications to interact with some of the committers and other people developing Eclipse applications.

We are going to officially launch the seminar series in January. If it wasn’t for the holidays we would probably do it next week. However, I have turned on the registration system, so if you want to check out the details or even register go right ahead.

Merry Christmas

btw, if you have any comments on the registration pages please let me know.