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Eclipse Newsletter - July 2019: Research@Eclipse

Friday, July 26, 2019 - 06:24 by Anonymous (not verified)

It's been six years since the Eclipse Foundation became involved in several publicly funded research projects, with the goal to share its DNA with the research world and help them create an open source community to foster dissemination and make the results available for commercial and public use. 

The Eclipse Foundation's main contributions are 

  • Sustainability for research results (source code, documentation, etc.)
  • Guidance in creating and managing an open source project
  • Expertise in community building and support
  • Visibility across the Eclipse ecosystem, and interaction with the wider ecosystem
  • Open Collaboration best practices

As Philippe Krief, Research Relations Director at the Eclipse Foundation, mentioned in the latest Eclipse newsletter issue, a research consortium's journey of open sourcing a project is complex and requires a lot of dedication from all parties involved, given the fact that the work that needs to be accomplished during the projects' three-year duration is extensive. This is where the Eclipse Foundation comes into play.   

The Eclipse Foundation's support consists of making the results of the research projects sustainable by providing opportunities for bi-directional exchange between research consortium members and the Eclipse community. The former are encouraged to reach the Eclipse ecosystem by using various communication channels, such as presentations, events, and this newsletter.

In turn, research projects give the Eclipse Foundation the opportunity to discover and learn about innovative technologies and allow Eclipse members to get involved in the entire process, from the very start until the project is implemented. Eclipse members are encouraged to participate as members of the consortium, or in later activities such as advisory committees, user testing or workshops.   

The Research@Eclipse newsletter issue offers an introduction to eight research projects the Eclipse Foundation is involved in. You will find many areas of interest such as Internet of Things with AGILE, BRAIN-IoT and BaSys projects, Development Tools with PDP4E and CROSSMINER, Modeling with AMASS and GEMOC, and Automotive and Aerospace with PANORAMA.

I hope I made you curious enough to check out the July issue of the Eclipse Newsletter

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