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Eclipse Newsletter — Editorial Calendar

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - 09:59 by Anonymous (not verified)

Welcome to 2018 and Happy New Year! ?

It’s also a new year for the Eclipse Newsletter, a monthly publication featuring 4 to 8 technical articles written by technical experts that revolve around a specific theme.

The newsletter is a great resource to learn more about Eclipse tools and projects and stay up-to-date about recent news and events. Additionally, the theme changes every month so you get a one-stop shop when you’re looking to learn about something.

This year’s editorial calendar is ready! Find out what will pop into your inbox every month:

*Subject to change as we progress through the year*

What’s that? March doesn’t have a topic yet? Well go on and suggest one!

Click here to suggest a topic or author for March

We will collect your suggestions until January 31, 2018.

Afterwards we will select one of them to be featured as a theme for the March issue of the Eclipse Newsletter.

Historical anecdote about the Newsletter

The Eclipse Newsletter has been around since 2013 — craziness. I have been the editor since the launch date and it has been quite the learning experience.

When I started, I knew the very basics of HTML, yet I knew nothing about CSS, git, Gerrit, or the Eclipse IDE. The learning curve was steep. In order to create a contribution to eclipse.org there were a lot of things to learn. The good news is, I had a very patient and understanding teacher, Chris Guindon. He helped me get through the hard part. Low and behold, I was ready to hit the commit button! ?

Design-wise, the newsletter has gone through 3 different looks and who knows, 2018 might get a fresh update! (And yes, that is a heads-up for you, Eric Poirier.)

Eclipse Newsletter — March 2013 Issue

I may be a native English speaker, but at first I had a hard time putting it together. It was doubly challenging since I was new to Eclipse technologies and I wasn’t used to writing editor’s notes . Over the past 4 years, it’s become easier and I enjoy coding the newsletter. I still learn new things every month!

Today [as of January 9 when I am typing this] the subscriber count is over 217,000! Thank you to everyone who subscribed and contributed to the newsletter over the past years!

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