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Eclipse Based Products – More than you may know

Tuesday, April 12, 2005 - 16:23 by Anonymous (not verified)

When I first started at Eclipse, I was truly surprised of the number of products that are based on Eclipse. Most people know about IBM’s commitment and use of Eclipse in their Websphere Studio products. However a lot of people, including myself, might no know that there are many more companies that have based their development tools on Eclipse. And the really surprising thing is that a LOT are not even Java based tools.

Here is just a sample of developer products that are based on JDT or CDT. The cool thing is that they span markets ranging from Enterprise IT, Linux and Embedded. Don’t forget there are hundreds more products that are plug-ins to Eclipse.

Enterprise IT

  • Exadel Struts Studio and JSF Studio
  • Genuitec MyEclipse
  • JBoss Eclipse IDE
  • IBM WebSphere Studio
  • Kinzan Studio
  • M7 NitroX
  • Parasoft JTest
  • PureEdge Designer
  • SAP NetWeaver Studio


  • Mentor Graphics Nucleus Edge
  • Monta Vista Dev Rocket
  • PalmOS Dev Suite
  • QNX Momentics
  • Tensilica Xtensa Xplorer IDE
  • TimeSys TimeStorm IDE
  • Wind River Workbench


  • Intel C++ Compiler 8.1 for Linux
  • Novell/SuSE SDK
  • Red Hat Developer Suite