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Countdown to 3.1 and JavaOne

Friday, June 24, 2005 - 01:57 by Anonymous (not verified)

Next week is going to be pretty busy. Eclipse 3.1 will be released. Don’t forget to sign-up for the Million Download Challenge. Ed Burnette has started a pool on when 3.1 will be declared. I’ll predict June 27.

JavaOne is shaping up to be very busy. I will be spending a lot of the time in the Eclipse booth (booth #1534). Please drop by, say hello, maybe even collect an Eclipse t-shirt. Mike Milinkovich, Bjorn Freeman-Benson and myself will also be doing press interviews. Bill Dudney is going to interview Mike and Bjorn on Sys-con TV, Bjorn is going to be interview on The Serverside and I am scheduled on ZDNet IT Matters.

Also expect to see a lot of press releases from companies talking about their Eclipse products. There are going to be some really cool announcements. Next week, I hope to spend some time blogging about some of the highlights.