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All you need to know about Community Day at EclipseCon 2023

Tuesday, August 29, 2023 - 06:42 by Anonymous (not verified)

The countdown to EclipseCon 2023 has begun, and there's one day you won't want to miss - Community Day! On Monday, October 16, 2023, we invite you to join us in celebrating the essence of open source collaboration and innovation – our community. 

Community Day is a unique occasion dedicated to showcasing the incredible diversity of projects hosted within the Eclipse Foundation's community. Whether you're a seasoned developer, a tech enthusiast, or simply eager to learn more about our projects, Community Day welcomes all with open arms.


Why Participate in Community Day?

🔹 Foster Collaboration: Connect with passionate experts, enthusiasts, and curious minds from your community.

🔹 Uncover Hidden Gems: Delve into the vast landscape of over 400 projects hosted at the Eclipse Foundation.

🔹 Network and Learn: Engage in meaningful discussions, establish connections, and learn from industry experts at this enriching Community Day.

🔹 Embrace Open Source: Celebrate open-source collaboration and innovation, contributing to the continuous growth of the Eclipse ecosystem.


There’s something for everyone:
Learn more about our specific Community Day events:

🚗 Automotive & SDV Community Day

The Automotive & SDV Community Day is a day and a half event featuring expert talks, presentations, and demos from automotive and SDV projects in the Eclipse Foundation community. The first day includes an introduction to past automotive initiatives and alignment with other projects. The second day focuses on open collaboration within the SDV Working Group.


☕ Java Community Day

Community Day for Java Developers at EclipseCon is a full-day event focused on expert talks, demos, and thought-provoking sessions for Java developers. It covers open source projects like Jakarta EE, Adoptium, and MicroProfile, as well as other Java projects hosted by the Eclipse Foundation. Leading companies like Azul, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Fujitsu, Payara, Red Hat, and Tomitribe support these projects. This event, organized with iJUG, is an excellent opportunity to learn from and connect with industry leaders, explore the latest technologies, and share your ideas with innovators in the Java ecosystem.


🔌 OSGi Summit

The event kicks off with OSGi Community Day, featuring talks on the latest OSGi developments and community-related topics. The following days include meetings for the OSGi Specification Project and the OSGi Working Group Steering Committee, as well as a Birds of a Feather session.


And much more

Join us on October 16-19, 2023, for EclipseCon Community Day followed by 3 days of technical sessions. Get ready for an unforgettable day of learning, networking, and collaborating with like-minded individuals and experts. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to celebrate open-source innovation

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