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4 New IoT Articles — Eclipse Newsletter

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - 07:54 by Anonymous (not verified)

Each month, I work with various technical experts to create and publish a new issue of the Eclipse Newsletter. The theme changes every month; this month it was Eclipse IoT! The articles feature four great IoT projects: Eclipse Hono, Eclipse ioFog, Eclipse Kapua, and Eclipse Vorto. Thank you to the authors for taking the time to write this content.

Eclipse Newsletter — Internet of all the Things

Eclipse IoT is growing quickly and becoming an influential open source IoT community. We now have over 30 members and over 25 projects. Just last month, a new Eclipse IoT project called Eclipse Ditto was proposed. If you’re interested in the Internet of Things, you should definitely look at the open source projects our community offers.

Now I’ll stop typing and let you read the IoT themed Eclipse Newsletter.