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2010 Election Results

I am pleased to announce the results of the 2010 Board elections.

The elected Committer Member representatives for 2010 will be:

  • Chris Aniszczyk
  • Boris Bokowski
  • Ed Merks

The elected Sustaining Member (e.g. Solution and Enterprise Member) representatives for 2010 will be:

  • Hans Kamutzki
  • Mik Kersten
  • Adam Lieber

Please join me in extending a hearty congratulations to the winners!

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Oracle Keynote on Java Technology and Community at EclipseCon

This year’s EclipseCon has a little bit of that “right time, right place” magic going for it. As a significant conference soon after the oft-delayed closing of the acquisition, it provides a good opportunity for Oracle to talk directly to developers about where they are going to take Java. There is both a technology and a community story to be told, and from the abstract it appears that Steve Harris and Jeet Kaul are going to be tackling both topics.

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EPL Growth: The Symbian Foundation Goes Fully Open

It’s not too surprising that the Eclipse Foundation thinks that the Eclipse Public License is a darn fine open source license. It is arguably the most commercially-friendly of the copyleft licenses, and one which is particularly well suited for fostering a community building a software platform.

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2010 Elections: Candidates Posted

The candidates for the 2010 Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors are now posted. There are five nominees for Committer Rep and five nominees for Sustaining Member Rep, each group competing for three available seats.

We will have the candidates full bios and positions up by February 8th. Voting opens on February 22nd. You can find a full description of all of the key dates here.

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The Two Solitudes

I don’t think you can go to school in Canada and not read Hugh MacLennan’s the Two Solitudes. So for me it was an obvious metaphor for a phenomenon that has become apparent to me over the past year or so. That is: Europeans and Americans (particularly Californians) view the practice of software development in materially different ways.

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One Big Step for EclipseRT

The future of Java technology in the enterprise rests with its rapidly evolving ability to regain its original promise of lightweight, flexible and dynamic application development and deployment. In other words, the faster Java gets to the stackless stack, the brighter its future will be.

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It’s a Dessert Topping and a Floor Wax

Last week we saw probably more conversation than any of us wanted about the notion that Eclipse is a trade association and therefore not an open source community. I believe that perspective to be misguided as it implies those two states are somehow mutually exclusive. They are not. And it is our community’s embrace of both that makes Eclipse unique.

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Membership Value Programs for 2010

Monday I blogged about some of the program plans we have for 2010 that are targeted at our project and committer community. Today, let’s turn to some of the things that we have in store for our members and the commercial ecosystem around Eclipse. Not all of these are new, but in each case there is significant value to the community, and there are at least a few new twists that we have planned for 2010.

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Project Community Enhancements for 2010

I mentioned in a comment last week that — pending Board approval of the 2010 budget — there are a number of items which we’re looking at for 2010 that we at the Eclipse Foundations are pretty excited about. These are some major pieces of work that we are going to be focusing our time and energy on.

There will also be a number of significant programs for the commercial members, but those will be the topic of a separate post.

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Dear Bjorn: Go away


Your latest post deserves a clear response.

Your former colleagues at the Eclipse Foundation have tolerated your public abuse quietly because we are professionals, and we honestly thought that you would tire of it. Apparently we were wrong. But the time has come to say it: You are a jerk. Please go away. You quit the Foundation, you have zero commits since April, and we tire of your sniping from afar.

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