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Some (Ottawa) Holiday Cheer

Calling the Eclipse Ottawa community!

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This Week’s Announcements

Hearty congratulations are due to Microsoft, Soyatec and Tasktop for their announcements yesterday regarding Eclipse and Silverlight, Azure and Windows 7.

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Collaboration Is Just Good Business

Last week at the Open World Forum, I had the pleasure of attending Michael Tiemann’s talk on the “Road to the Digital Recovery”. Michael kindly summarized his key points on his blog.

The most interesting sound bite from Michael’s talk was his estimate that $1 trillion is wasted every year in ICT spending. His logic is:

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I just received an email out of the blue that really reminded me of how important it is for all of us in the Eclipse community to help our users and adopters.

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Differentiating Communities

I was asked earlier today if I could describe “…the Eclipse community and its differences between other traditional commercial open source communities say like Sugar’s and non, or less pure commercial communities like Apache.

Darn good question. Off the top of my head here are a couple of key differentiating points. I would certainly be interested in hearing the views and comments of others. Both from Eclipse and from other communities.

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Welcome to the EPL

A bit of good news for the Eclipse Public License this morning comes from Intuit, which announced that their community site will be using the EPL.

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Time to Git Some Progress

Git has been growing in popularity, and I am particularly interested in its potential to reduce barriers to participating and contributing to Eclipse projects. There has been a vigorous conversation about using Git for Eclipse projects going on for some time over in bug 257706, including my own reservations about the idea. But it is clearly time to start making some progress on this topic.

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Releasing Galileo

Denis pushes the Big Red Button

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Berlin Board Stammtisch

Next week is our first-ever Eclipse Board of Directors meeting outside of the USA. Berlin is our destination, primarily based on the fact that it is a darn cool city.

Although Ralph won’t be able to join us, we are going to carry on the tradition he has created and have an Eclipse Stammtisch while we’re there. So Tuesday, June 16th is an opportunity for you to have a beer with the leaders of the Eclipse community.

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Some New License Flexibility

I have been remiss in updating our website with information regarding some decisions made by the Board late last year. Totally my bad.

So here is some good news:

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