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Hudson Now At Eclipse

Today’s announcement that Oracle is proposing to move the Hudson project to the Eclipse Foundation is big news. It’s news because of the popularity of the project, its history and, let’s face it, the Hudson/Jenkins fork that happened a few months back.

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Open Healthcare. Or Not.

I thought Gunnar Hellekson’s post on the recent RFP from the US Veteran’s Administration (VA) to open source their VistA electronic healthcare record (EHR) system was a great overview of the challenges facing massive government agencies as they attempt to adopt an open source approach to their mission. I definitely agree with the list of challenges and issues that Gunnar has laid out for the proposal.

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Congratulations David!

Each year, the Eclipse Foundation recognizes key contributors and committers amongst its community with awards. This year we created a new Lifetime Contribution Award to recognize an individual who has a long, sustained record of contribution to Eclipse as a whole. That is, all three communities of Eclipse: adopters, users, and committers. The award is chosen by the Eclipse Foundation Staff, and in our view is a recognition of the community member we feel has long made valuable contributions to the success of Eclipse.

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2011 Eclipse Board Election Results

I am pleased to announce the results of the 2011 Eclipse Foundation Board elections.

The elected Committer Member representatives for 2011 will be:

  • Chris Aniszczyk
  • Boris Bokowski
  • Ed Merks

The elected Sustaining Member (e.g. Solution and Enterprise Member) representatives for 2011 will be:

  • Eric Clayberg (Google)
  • Hans Kamutzki (MicroDoc)
  • Mik Kersten (Tasktop)

Please join me in extending a hearty congratulations to the winners!

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Let the Voting Begin!

Voting begins today for the 2011 Eclipse Foundation Board of Director elections. We have a great slate of candidates, each of whom brings a great deal of knowledge and experience with the Eclipse community to the table. I highly encourage everyone to get involved with this process and vote!

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Eclipse Foundation Elections

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, the nominations are in, and the “campaign” phase of our 2011 Board of Director elections in now in full swing.

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OpenJDK Governance

On Friday, Mark Reinhold, mentioned that I have recently spent some time helping to help flesh out a draft governance model for the OpenJDK community. As John Duimovich described it, our goal is for OpenJDK to be “…an open, transparent, and meritocratic project that can be run in a lightweight and efficient manner”. I think we’ve largely succeeded in getting there.

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Introducing Orion

Sometime later today some very exciting new code is going to show up in the e4 git repository at Eclipse. “Orion” is a brand new adventure for Eclipse, and one which we hope will interest and excite a whole new community: web developers.

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Christmas Comes Early for Java Developers

Today Google announced that they will be contributing two key pieces of Java tooling technology to proposed Eclipse Foundation projects. Two new projects are bringing to Eclipse product-quality code which have been highly regarded by Java developers for many years. They will fill major requirements that the Eclipse developer community have been hoping to see in open source for a long time.

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Barb Moving On

I have a bit of sad news, which is that Barb Cochrane of the Intellectual Property Management team is leaving us, effective Friday. Barb has been great to work with for the past three years. She added a lot of fun and enthusiasm to both the office and the community, and was incredibly diligent and professional in her work. A great combination! She will definitely be missed by all of us at Eclipse.

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