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Welcome to 2018 and Happy New Year! 🎉

It’s also a new year for the Eclipse Newsletter, a monthly publication featuring 4 to 8 technical articles written by technical experts that revolve around a specific theme.

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Time for a New Challenge

The new year brings a big change; I will be leaving the Eclipse Foundation at the end of January. This has been a difficult decision to make but it is time to take on a new challenge.

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Monetizing IoT Data using IOTA

There is a lot of buzz around cryptocurrencies  – will BTC be over $20,000 by the time this blog post goes live? – these days, but beyond the hype, one thing is pretty clear: it enables a decentralized economy that is particularly interesting to look at from an IoT perspective.

For the Internet of Things, I believe the role of cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers is threefold:

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IoT Trends for 2018

Last year I made the bold move to write-up the 2017 trends I thought would be important for the IoT industry and Eclipse IoT community. It seemed like a useful exercise so I thought a 2018 version is appropriate.

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Cloud Native IoT Development in Practice

With Kubecon happening this week in Austin,  it is probably a good time to write an article on the role of containers and having a cloud native strategy for IoT, don’t you think?

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Open IoT Challenge 4.0 Scholars

The fourth edition of the Open IoT Challenge was launched in September and as of November 20, the race to build the best open IoT solution has officially begun!

Over 70 teams have submitted their ideas and are now in the running to win the Open IoT Challenge 4.0.

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My first conference tech talk

When I started working as a Marketing Specialist in the tech world, I never thought about becoming a speaker. It isn’t that I didn’t think it was a reachable goal. I spoke in front of crowds in the past, but it just didn’t occur to me in a tech setting. This is what I call the I am not the expert syndrome. I always imagined myself in the background — which is funny because I have many opinions and I like to share.

I am not the expert

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EE4J Progress: Nine New Projects Proposed at the Eclipse Foundation

I am very pleased to announce that the first nine project proposals for the Eclipse Enterprise for Java (EE4J) top-level project have been formally published for community review. This is the first step to making the migration of Java EE to the Eclipse Foundation a reality.

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Help Pick the New Name for Java EE

This blog post is based on the text of Eclipse EE4J’s very first GitHub Issue. Please join the conversation over there!

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Say Goodbye to the Eclipse Foundation Nova Theme

The Eclipse Foundation is planning on removing a few deprecated components from in an effort to reduce our code base for

We are using Bug 526827 - Fall clean up of to track the following tasks:

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