Eclipse IoT @ Red Hat Summit

In less than two weeks, we will be at the Red Hat Summit in Boston, MA.

We’re really excited! We will be involved in many aspects of the conference including the Red Hat IoT Partner Showcase, where we will be demoing something very cool! Stay tuned for the details.

Benjamin Cabé will also be speaking at on May 2 @ 10 am during the Lightning Talks.

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IoT Developer Trends 2017 Edition

For the last 3 years we have been tracking the trends of the IoT developer community through the IoT Developer Survey [2015] [2016]. Today, we released the third edition of the IoT Developer Survey 2017. As in previous years, the report provides some interesting insights into what IoT developers are thinking and using to build IoT solutions.

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EPLv2: A New Version of the Eclipse Public License

The Eclipse Foundation is in the process of revising the Eclipse Public License (EPL). Refreshing a popular open source license is a big job, and one that we have been chipping away at for over a year.

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What is Eclipse?

Last week we launched a survey to solicit opinions about open source foundations and the general Eclipse community. A key thing we hope to accomplish with this survey is to gauge how people perceive the Eclipse brand? The Eclipse community has substantially grown and change over the last number of years, so we really want to know how people answer the question ‘What is Eclipse?’

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Service Releases of Third Party Content in the Eclipse IP Due Diligence Process

Some time ago, the Eclipse Foundation’s Board of Directors passed the following resolution.

RESOLVED, that previously approved dependencies of Eclipse projects can be reviewed and approved by the EMO as follows: a) Service releases (e.g. x.y., bug fixes, security fixes) will require no review. b) Minor revisions (e.g. x..) will require a reduced review by the EMO. c) Major revisions (e.g. ..) will require a full review by the EMO.

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4 New IoT Articles — Eclipse Newsletter

Each month, I work with various technical experts to create and publish a new issue of the Eclipse Newsletter. The theme changes every month; this month it was Eclipse IoT! The articles feature four great IoT projects: Eclipse Hono, Eclipse ioFog, Eclipse Kapua, and Eclipse Vorto. Thank you to the authors for taking the time to write this content.

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Work on IoT that Matters

Tim O’Reilly use to talk a lot about encouraging people to ‘Work on stuff that matters‘. Unfortunately, the IoT industry is often not the best example of this principle. The twitter feed ‘Internet of Shit‘ chronicles IoT solutions that should never have been built. For IoT to be successful we need more example of how IoT can make substantial and meaningful change in our lives.

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Open IoT Challenge 3.0 — Winners

In case you missed the Eclipse IoT announcement last week, the Open IoT Challenge 3.0 winners were announced!

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Run Eclipse IDE on One Version of Java, but Target Another

The Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (and the other Java developer variants) is itself a Java application that’s used to build Java applications. That relationship can be a bit weird to wrap your brain around.

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I’m going to Devoxx US, and you should go as well!

For the very first time, a Devoxx conference is happening in the USA, in San Jose, CA. It starts on March 21, 2017 and is 3 days long. Devoxx conferences are famous in Europe (organized in Belgium, France, UK, Poland and Morocco) for their high quality talks from amazing speakers. They are also very high rated because it is organized by developers for developers.

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