Enter the Open IoT Challenge 4.0: some ideas for your submission

There are only a couple weeks left (deadline is Nov. 13) for entering the fourth edition of our Open IoT Challenge!

The Open IoT Challenge encourages IoT enthusiasts and developers to build innovative solutions for the Internet of Things using open standards and open source technology.

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4 Takeaways from “All Things IoT” week at EclipseCon Europe

Last week, the Eclipse IoT community was pretty busy at EclipseCon Europe. We were having our largest Eclipse event of the year, and it featured lots of IoT.

After a much needed weekend break to recover from an incredibly fruitful week, I am taking some time to write down some of my personal takeaways.

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Running a Successful Open Source Project

This post is based on a talk that Gunnar Wagenknecht and I delivered at the Open Source Leadership Summit 2017 and Devoxx US 2017. This content was recently published in the All Eyes on Open Source issue of JAX Magazine.

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Industry 4.0 Meets Open Source

A key industry that is driving the Internet of Things is Manufacturing. Companies are always looking to make their manufacturing process more efficient, flexible and improve quality, while lowering costs. Therefore, modernizing factory floors and integrating factory equipment with the enterprise IT systems is of interest to many manufacturing companies. In Germany, they call this trend Industrie 4.0. They see IoT as being the fourth industrial revolution to fundamentally change the manufacturing industry.

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Automatic License Certification By The Numbers

In 2016, we introduced the notion of license certification intellectual property (IP) due diligence (“Type A”) into the Eclipse IP Policy with a goal in mind to automate the certification process. At that time, we started a process of evaluating tools that could be used for automatic validation and eventually discovered Scancode.

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Legal Documentation Requirements for Eclipse Projects

Late last week, I pushed out an update to our documentation regarding the legal documentation requirements for Eclipse projects that Sharon Corbett and I have been working on over the past quarter. In the process, we moved the guidelines off of the main website and rolled them in to the Eclipse Project Handbook. Our primary goal in revising this documentation was to make it more generally applicable to all open source projects and bring us more in line with what the rest of the open source world does.

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Hack the Eclipse IoT Open Testbeds at EclipseCon Europe

By now you are probably pretty aware that EclipseCon Europe, coming in just a few weeks in Ludwigsburg, Germany, Oct 22-25, will feature All Things IoT!

But wait, there’s more! We will use the opportunity of having a lot of people from the Eclipse IoT community in the same location to spend some time hacking the Open IoT Testbeds on Wednesday, October 24.

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Eclipse Foundation Webdev Report [Q3 2017]

A few months ago, I created a discussion on Eclipse Bugzila about creating a new blog for the Eclipse Foundation Webdev team. The idea is to raise awareness about what we are currently working on and hopefully, in return, we will get some feedback from the community.

I am new to the blogging world and I am really excited to kick off this new challenge with this report.

My blog posts will be on the following topics:

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5 Trends to Watch in the Java Ecosystem

Over the last couple of months a number of announcements have been made that change the the Java ecosystem. These changes could have a long-term impact on Java developers and the Eclipse community. This week at JavaOne I expect we will hear about a lot of these changes. For the most part I think there are 5 key trends that all Java developers will need to watch.  If you can’t make it to JavaOne, many of these trends will also be highlighted at EclipseCon Europe.

1. Adoption of Java 9

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On Naming, or Why EE4J Does Not Suck

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” — Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride, on Vizzini’s use of the word “inconceivable”.

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