Marketing Launch of 3.1

We are starting to get ready for the marketing launch of Eclipse 3.1 and all of the other projects that are launching at the same time, including WTP, TPTP, EMF, GEF, VE, UML2, AspectJ,etc. It is really amazing to me that all of these projects will be releasing within 30 days of the Platform.

I would like to get the help of the Eclipse community to make this launch successful. For me, an open source community is not just about open source development but also open source marketing. I hope to use my blog to communicate the current plans and get your feedback and ideas.

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EclipseCon Metrics

Joe Winchester sent me an email asking whatever happened to the last slide presented at EclipseCon this year. You know, the one that talked about the various consumption patterns of the attendees. Well, here it is.

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Project Phoenix

One of the many hats that I wear is project lead for the Phoenix project at Eclipse. This is the project that we have proposed to rebuild the website.

The project is being set up using the same open source rules of engagement that other projects use at Eclipse. So please contribute via the newsgroup and/or the phoenix-dev mailing list. We will be getting CVS and Bugzilla set up after the project is officially created.

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Eclipse RCP RSS Reader

I must admit I am just getting into the world of Blogs, RSS and RSS Readers. I know, I am a bit slow. I’ve been using Bloglines as my RSS Reader and really struggle with the primitive browser interface. I just found an Eclipse RCP based reader called RSSOwl. This is cool stuff. Finally, I get to eat my own dog food.

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A Great Week

Well, I am just about to pack it in and head to Tokyo’s Narita Airport for the flight home to Ottawa. The place is going to be a madhouse, as today is the start of Golden Week and is the largest travel day each year in Japan. Not very good planning on my part.

The enthusiasm for Eclipse in Japan is enormous. Everywhere I went, people knew all about it. In particular, there were many people who knew about several Eclipse projects, not solely our Java tools. There is a lot of interest in and use of CDT and TPTP, for example.

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Show off your RCP application

I think Eclipse RCP is an exciting part of the Eclipse story. The ability to build rich client applications with a component model that allows for dynamic updates of new features and patches is pretty compelling. In fact, I think for ISVs and open software projects it makes an excellent platform for deploying software.

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Eclipse Japan

The Eclipse Japan web site just went live on We are very lucky to have strong support in Japan from some key companies: NTT Comware, Hitachi, Fujitsu, NEC and IBM. I think it is great to have these companies helping provide the Japanese content for

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Analyst View of Eclipse

Today I had the opportunity to listen to a webinar Eclipse Changes the Game for Application Development by Carl Zetie of Forrester Research. Unfortunately I think you need to be a client of Forrester to see the slides but I was lucky enough to be an invited guest.

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Brand Hijack

I have just finished reading a new book on branding called Brand Hijack: marketing without marketing, by Alex Wipperfurth. I’m often pretty skeptical about ‘marketing/branding’ books but this one was pretty good. They author was involved with the marketing at Napster but also uses Linux, Apple, and others as case studies. If you are interested in these types of topics I would recommend picking up a copy.

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Greetings from Japan

This week I am in Tokyo speaking at a number of events and meeting with a number of member companies. This is my first time in Japan so I’m pretty excited about the trip, even though the jetlag already has me reeling.

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